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66NM is a metaphor. There are 66 enjoyable nautical miles (66NM) between Gothenburg where we spend the winter and the islands in the Fjällbacka archipelago where we prefer to spend the holiday. It is an experience beyond most things to go by boat along the Bohuslän coast. Perhaps is it possible to see some maritime signs in the logotype.

We live in a network society. We are therefore an associate member of Innovation Pioneers, which I dare say is Sweden's best network for innovation experts. We also collaborate with Swedish Destination Development, The Harbor and others. 66NM belongs to InnovationsAkademien. 

We also try to be the good guys. No weapon, no fossil fuel, no racism etc. 

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The Dream Team


Staffan Davidsson, CEO and founder | Phone: +46 707 495888


Johan Ekström, Founder | Phone: +46 707 495888

Staffan is very interested in technology and has a passion for the interaction between humans and technology for over 15 years. He has a Master of Science in Engineering, has many years of experience working with innovation and holds a PhD in Engineering Psychology. Most of it has been about User Experiences (UX), which includes Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and Ergonomics but the last ten years he has mainly worked with innovation. Staffan is also a detective story author.
Staffan has conducted numerous innovation events, creativity exercises, user and usability studies and research studies. In addition, he is a certified change leader within the DigJourney framework. He is extremely creative and he has around 30 patents. Some things he worked on:

  • Service design ex. In Car Delivery and Triptale (location-based podcasts) on Volvo Cars).

  • Human Factors for Autonomous vehicles incl. automation problem.

  • Digitization of traditional companies and products in the manufacturing industry, the hospitality industry, the energy and real estate industry.


Victor Lindberg, UX design

Viktor is a UX designer with a passion for user studies prototype development and evaluation. Based on his design projects and education at Halmstad University, Viktor has experience of methods for user-centered design, user studies, web design, service design, sustainable design, prototype development, evaluation and design communication.
Viktor is a designer with a passion for creating, and when he is not designing user experiences, he creates fantastic art and photographs. In Viktor's portfolio there is a gallery with some of his works. There you can also read more about some of his design projects.

Johan is a design technician and shape determiner. He has experience as, among other things, a furniture conservator and knows just about everything about Scandinavian design tradition. He is a problem solver of rank and cruel on Catia, Alias, and several other design and construction software. He builds the CAD model for our physical MVPs (Minimal Viable Product) which is used as a basis for 3D printing where we collaborate with Top3D.


Madelene Lindberg | Phone: +46 707 495888

Madelene has extensive experience of business development in large companies. During the years 2011-2019, she developed and ran a successful innovation team within Volvo Cars. Through a great understanding of corporate culture, politics and business, Madelene has the ability to create conditions for concept development in everything from incremental to disruptive innovation. Madelene has experience of working within but also beyond the framework of the company's strategy in order to challenge and prepare companies for future changes.
Madelene has many years of experience as a manager and is good at coaching others in personal development. She has a great ability to mix the right personalities, skills and create successful teams. Over the years, she has built up a network of individuals who can happily contribute with their special skills depending on the challenges to be handled. Some deliveries:
In-Car delivery (World number one on using digital key for deliveries to the tailgate of a car)
Concepts that have affected existing product development
Concept in retail, with a focus on brewing "on-line" experience with "off-line" experience through the use of AR / VR
Concepts in workshop and service through the use of AR / VR / machine learning
Transformation initiatives in Energy, circular economy, smart cities etc.

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