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Clients & Partners


Herenco AB

An exiting company with a long history full of warmth, energy and passion for innovation. 

  • Coaching, strategy,

  • Customer insighting,

  • Story telling, workshop facilitation & customer journey.

  • Project leader, UX testing and storytelling manuscrips


Tjörns kommun

66NM is responsible for the innovation program that Tjörn municipality will implement in the autumn of 2020. The program is ambitious and takes 5 days plus a lot of intermediate work. After the program, participants should not only understand how to carry out an innovation project but also be able to apply it themselves.



Project to develop sustainable travel in rural areas together with the municipalities of Lidköping, Skara, Vara, Götene and Grästorp under the leadership of Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle  66NM contributes with:

  • Planned and managed project Kick off

  • Workshops

  • Innovation support

  • Story telling and manuscript for a promotion movie



knows Sweden's hospitality industry better than most. 66NM collaborates with Svedest:

  • Strengthen the innovative power in the hospitality industry

  • Innovation event, workshops

  • Research and development projects

  • Business development


Insights for You

Collaborates with Gothenburg-based Insights For You regarding innovation and feedback. Insights for You offers an exciting app that gives leaders and employees the opportunity to get 360 ° feedback in their respective roles in a very simple, structured and effective way. Soon you can also evaluate your innovation leadership. 66NM will use Insights for You to analyze the starting point and progress in companies that want to become better at innovation management ”


Rethink AB

Rethink AB is a personal management consulting company that helps customers to create great results through innovation and business renewal.

Rethink AB works with business development, organizational development, coaching, skills development, training, digital transformation etc. They are, among other things, certified facilitators in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and KKIKK® Games and have certification as Professional Coach and Business Communication Practitioner which are effective tools when it comes to developing companies, leaders, teams and individuals.

  • Has developed an education program in Digitalisation, Innovation and Change management together with 66NM


Ale kommun



One of the largest real estate companies in Sweden wants to become even better in innovation.

  • Innovation strategy, annual planning 

  • Coaching, 

  • Implementing portfolio management tool, 

  • Workshop facilitation



A company that is really passionate about a simpler and better boating life, just like 66NM.

  • Customer and user analysis, customer travel analysis

  • App development

  • Business modeling

  • User experience (UX)


Synteda AB

Synteda - 66NM collaboration

  • Innovation studies

  • Co-ownership in innovation projects

  • Change management in digitization and innovation

  • User Experience

  • Education: See staffan Davidsson talk about innovation at a Synteda event


Hyper Island

One of the most hyped (but still great) educations in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Teach and hold a sub-project (Experimentation) in their new UX training program.


Edison 365 partner

66NM is official "Alliance partner" with Edison 365 which is a very good tool for managing ideas, innovation projects and business development if you have Microsoft 365. Read more about Edison365 here. 66NM helps you with:
Introduction / presentation
Tailor Edison 365 to your needs
Courses in the tool and how to set it up (Coming soon)

Realize logga.png

Realize AB

Realize helps companies and organizations to work concretely with Innovation and business creativity. Focus is on the radical innovations, those that in one fell swoop create unique competitiveness and profitability.
Realize run the process in focused workshops where everyone's commitment, experience and knowledge benefit the company. Realize are with you all the way from initial idea generation to design of new business models. 

  • Has developed an education program in Digitalisation, Innovation and Change management together with 66NM

An ambitious 5 day educational program in Innovation, digitalization and change management together with Rethink AB and Realize AB. 

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