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Do you want innovation and digital transformation not just to be a one-time shot but something that permeates your company or organisation and your relationship with your customers. 66NM helps you with sustainable innovation and digitalization so that you can create new products and services that are smart, provide a fantastic user experience (UX) and have great value for your customers. And we want to do it for real. In fact, we do not take assignments where we think you are playing innovation theater.

We make you better and carry out hands on Innovation


1. Create prerequisites

66NM helps you create the conditions for innovation by starting from a well-proven framework (Digjourney) in combination with your own experience that in the long term makes your organization more innovative and digitally mature. We know that digitalization and innovation are so much more than technology. We know the effect of good (or bad) leadership, how to organize or gowern organisations that want's to be mor innovative. 

We measure, teach and help you set up your organisation.


2. Aim and Focus

66NM believes that those who know their customer so well that they can offer products or services even before the need arises or can even create a need will have higher margins, develop faster and survive longer. In this phase you get an understanding of the customers' driving forces, challenges and needs so that you know how to prioritize.

We teach, set up and help your organisation get a great start.


3. Generate Ideas

Based on the customer's challenges and needs, we generate the best ideas that can create new value for you. Here we use, for example, creativity exercises, internal or external innovation workshops and "Crowd sourced" workshops where we use accessible communities to generate and test ideas. We can also arrange Hackathons around a theme. In order for the ideas to be treated fairly, they are taken care of in an innovation portfolio, for example Edison 365.


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4. Evaluate and Validate

In innovation and when working with user experience (UX), it is fundamentally important that you build, test and learn quickly. All to have control over risks. Here
develops, and evaluates technology, business model, willingness to pay / market, etc. very quickly and a typical iteration of a concept, validated and clear, takes a week.
We often do this ourselves, but sometimes we use a partner company.

Really important services



Carrying out an idea generation event or a customer journey analysis is energizing and fun, but without following it up or killing ideas or letting them survive for the wrong reasons, it damages the innovation culture! We recognize the phases a company goes through to become more innovative. Make sure you always get a little better. Let us be your guide to a better ability to innovate. The coach teaches you new insights all the time, teaches you to find out things about and measure yourself, how to create customer insights, you get homework (YES !!), read and film tips and much more. In addition, the coach is ready to answer questions almost constantly. You learn that "Constantly creating a future" as one customer put it. We offer Large, Medium and Small "packages". Feel free to ask what that means.


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66NM with partners has extensive experience in running Workshops, both digital and physical. We know how to get the most out of people working together. Workshops can be efficient in many situations: Idea generation, scenario planning, customer journey, business modeling, etcetera

Education & programs 


66NM belongs to InnovationsAkademien and has produced a number of educations and lectures. All can be tailored to your particular organization.


Story telling

Imagine a movie without the beginning and where you do not even know what genre it is. Is it a romantic comedy or a detective story? In addition, not much happens during the film and suddenly the film ends. It is probably not very fun to watch and unfortunately is often a company story about why you should work with innovation just like that. Staffan Davidsson is a writer and screenwriter and can develop strategic narratives for your business so that employees are motivated and strive in the same direction. In addition, he has written briefs and scripts for a dozen films about innovation projects.


Intellectual property workshop

You have a fantastic idea in the form of a product or service and want to be alone with it for the foreseeable future. We know how to squeeze as much IP out of the idea as possible and thus stop others from implementing the idea by going around the patents. We are a very creative team with equal technical know-how and have more than 35 patents together. As a bonus, there is usually even more innovation. Try a patent workshop!

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